Hooked A Drop in the Bucket Full Story

You up? Taylor

Yes. Just now. Suzanne

Did you get my text earlier? Taylor

I did! What would my mornings be without your love quotes? Suzanne

Did you like it? Taylor

“Time’s winged chariot hurrying near. . .” Lovely. Suzanne

“Desserts of vast eternity. . .” Marvell knew his coy mistress well, as do I. ☺ Taylor

When am I going to see you? Suzanne

Tomorrow. Taylor

What time? Suzanne

Not sure. Why? Do you have something planned? Taylor

Just want to have the house ready for you. Suzanne

What have you been doing all this week while I’ve been away? Taylor

Had the repairmen out for the leaky roof. Again. That’s what happens, I guess, with your 200-year-old house. Suzanne

Five generations worth of a Victorian monster: a shaky roof, but a wealth of history. Taylor

AND almost no phone reception. I’ve learned to text like a champ, though. Suzanne