Hooked Beth Full Story

Hey, next time you pick Beth up from school, can you PLEASE tell me first Cece

I was worried sick when I couldn’t find her. Cece

You mean last week? Mark

No, I mean this afternoon. Cece

I thought it was my day to pick her up, I would have loved a heads up Cece

What are you talking about? Mark

I’m at the office Mark

I’ve been here all day Mark

Mark you’re being really immature about this Cece

It’s fine if you want some extra time with Beth, but we need to communicate Cece

because otherwise I’m running all over the place trying to find my daughter and honestly I have better things to do. Cece

This isn’t a joke Mark

I didn’t pick her up from school Mark

You’re not screwing with me right?? Cece

Because I’m gonna be really pissed if you’re screwing with me right now Cece

I’m not screwing with you. I’m at work and I assumed you’d pick her up from school today. Mark