Hooked Birthday Quake Full Story

hey Kimi! sorry I couldn’t be there to wish you a happy birthday this morning, but I hope you’re having a wonderful day 🙂 Dad

i’m already on my flight back from DC and I’ll be back in time for dinner. Dad

we can all go out in San Fran tonight to celebrate Dad

thanks daddy! miss you tons cant wait to see you tonight Kim

also how are you texting me if you’re on your flight already? 😛 Kim

bought onboard wifi Dad

long flight… Dad

dads get bored Dad

see you tonight hubby 🙂 Mom

and Kimi arent you in school? how are you texting right now young lady? Mom

long classes… Kim

daughters get bored 😉 Kim

go easy on her… it is her birthday after all Dad

thanks dad Kim

see you tonight! Kim

love you 🙂 Kim