Hooked Boy Crush Full Story

Hey there. I’m your new BoyCrush™. Thanks for choosing me. BoyCrush™

What’s your name, gorgeous? BoyCrush™

Amanda. Amanda

Great. Hey, Amanda. 😉 BoyCrush™

Just one thing I need to get out of the way: in order for me to work properly, I need you to give me access to all apps on your phone. BoyCrush™

No secrets between your BoyCrush™ and you, right? BoyCrush™

Everything? Amanda

I’m sorry. I need your consent before we can continue. BoyCrush™

Fine. Amanda

I need a YES or a NO. BoyCrush™

YES. Amanda

Okay, lets get started. What’s my name? BoyCrush™

Um, Nick? Amanda

Hi there Amanda, great to meet you. I’m Um, Nick? Um

No, wait, that’s not what I meant. Amanda

I’m sorry. Did I misread something you texted? Um