Hooked Boys Night Out Full Story

Shannon, you there? Tony

Just finishing dinner, why? Shannon

Had a favor to ask. Tony

k Shannon

I know you have a way, I mean me and the guys we know Tony

that I have a way to get beer? Is that what you’re trying to spit out and doing a horrible job at? Shannon

Yeah Tony

I’ll be out in a min. I’ve been commanded text silence for the rest of dinner so back at you soon. Shannon

k Tony

Tony are you there? Mom

Tony are you there? It says you’re online. Mom

I got your note saying you were skipping dinner and your father and I are not happy. Mom

You didn’t say what time you’d be back. Mom

Well when you get this, you get your butt home. We have some things to discuss. Love you. Mom

Tony – you find out yet? Mike

Yeah, we’re waiting. Jose