Hooked Date Night – Part 3 Full Story

Dad!! Amber

Amber! Oh thank God. Archie

How did you escape? Didn’t the chief go after you? Archie

Dad!! Dad don’t move I brought a med kit. Oh my god…dad. Amber

There’s so much blood… Amber

Yeah. Asshole knew to shoot around the Kevlar. Archie

But it’s fine. Just my shoulder. Agh! Archie

Dad… Amber

Sweetie I need you to focus right now. Just come help me up. Let’s go. Now. Archie

But aren’t you supposed to stay still? We need to try and stop the bleeding. Amber

Amber! We have no idea who might be coming here to clean up this mess. Archie

We have to act fast. Archie

Okay. Take it slow now. This is gonna hurt… Amber

Agh! Goddammit! Archie

Yeah I told you! Amber

Ugh. Let’s get to the car. Archie