Hooked Dead Enders – Part 3 Full Story

You got your wheels? Aaron

Where u wanna go? Jack

Need a lift to hook up with Eva. Tomorrow night. Aaron

What happened to yours? Jack

I’m grounded. Aaron

Seriously, my man? That’s like a first. Jack

What did you do, get a B in calculus? Jack

Just pick me up after midnight – my block – at the corner. Aaron

Is this some illicit happenings? Jack

Cause I got to get excitified about something. Jack

We need to keep this on the low. I haven’t seen her in weeks. Aaron

Our parents and this crazy weather are keeping us apart. Aaron

Like Ronan Farrow & Angelina Jolie? Jack

?? Aaron

you know – like in Shakespeare Jack

Sure – just like them – only named Romeo & Juliet. Aaron