Hooked Dead of Night – Epilogue Full Story


Near the end of 2026, the world will erupt in a great war. Adam

But it will not be a war of nations, it will be a civilian war. Adam

And the cause of war will be the color of people’s eyes. Adam

Or, more specifically – the DIFFERENCE in the color of their eyes. Adam

Can u believe it? Adam

The virus will manifest itself differently inside people… Adam

…according to what color their eyes are. Adam

Blue-eyed people will band together with gray-eyed people. Adam

And they will turn against those with brown and green eyes. Adam

The war will end with the destruction of the human race. Adam

Only a few will survive Adam

But those who do survive won’t be like you or your friends. Adam

They won’t really be human. Adam

If you look carefully… Adam

…you will see warning signs around you already. Adam