Hooked Dead of Night – Part 15 Full Story

hey, it’s me again Ada

the purple-eyed girl with a pension for trouble Ada

you there mystery man? Ada

in other news… Ada

things just keep getting whackier here Ada

the guy who just crashed the transport I was in Ada

is the same guy who was at my door yesterday! Ada

apparently Sgt. Delaney refers to him as Private Whitlock Ada

and he is – or was – in on whatever Delaney is scheming Ada

too bad the zombies ripped Whitlock to shreds Ada

otherwise I’d ask him for all of the details myself Ada

wtf do they mean when they call me an ‘asset’? Ada

is this some kind of joke? Ada

I missed the opportunity to get out of Houston Ada

but I need to go back to get my guns, anyway Ada

so things worked out for the best I guess Ada