Hooked Dead of Night – Part 18 Full Story

Ada, as soon as I got done texting with you… Emma

I found Christian and told him ur alive and that u flipped ur lid. Emma

And I told him u were going to try and break ur dad out of military prison. Emma

And u know what he said? Emma

Damn I wish I could tell u this in person. Emma

He said u MUST have flipped ur lid… Emma

If you think u can make it all the way to Fort Worth on your own. Emma

In other words… Emma

ur dad is locked up at the JRB Navy base Emma

Ur welcome. ☺ Emma

The good news… Emma

obviously dumbass CHRISTIAN believes I’m on his side. Emma

The bad… Emma

he still says he loves you. Emma

What a douche. Emma

Text me when u get this. Emma