Hooked Dead of Night – Part 36 Full Story

Ada, WTF? Emma

Why do u keep ignoring me and then disappearing? Emma

They finally said I could visit u in the hospital – Emma

but when I got there u had already snuck out. Emma

Hey, Em. Sorry. I have some things I need to sort out – Ada

And I need to be alone for a while. Ada

Fuck that. U were alone through this whole shit storm. Emma

There’s no reason to run now. Emma

I’m not running. And I wasn’t alone. I had you. ☺ Ada

U still do, bitch. So what’s up? Emma

Nothing good. Ada

But I know why my eyes are purple now. Ada

Ur a mutant? 😛 Emma

I wish. What’s different about me was done on purpose. Ada

Huh? Emma

My mom was involved in some pretty strange research – Ada