Hooked Dead of Night – Part 7 Full Story

Dad Ada

Dad are you there Ada

I texted you when I reached I-35 but you didn’t answer so I kept driving Ada

Are you okay Ada

I know stopping this thing is your job Ada

but I can’t imagine it would keep you from talking to me Ada

So please let me know you are okay as soon as you can Ada

I’ll keep texting so you know where to find me when you get this Ada

Also I’m using voice to text and not bothering with punctuation Ada

because I know how you feel about texting and driving so deal with it Ada

That was an attempt at humor by the way Ada

So I’m pulling off the ramp into Austin Ada

Looks like the capital is okay people are out and it seems safe for now Ada

But I’m low on gas and I have no money Ada

so I’ll stop here and wait to hear from you Ada

Maybe find a TV and see if Wolf Blitzer knows what the hell is hap Ada