Hooked Dead of Night – Part 8 Full Story

Ada? Are you there? R U O K? Christian

I know you’re upset, but you have to talk to me. Christian

It’s extremely important. Christian

You have to trust me. Christian

I don’t, Christian. I don’t trust anyone right now. Ada

Not even me? Christian

I want to.. but how can I now? Ada

Ada, I can’t emphasize enough how critical it is that you believe what I’m trying to tell you. Christian

Please leave me alone. Ada

I can’t. U know I can’t. Christian

I love you. Christian

Even after what I did? Ada

You didn’t DO anything. Christian

Oh God.. You don’t know yet? Ada

Christian, I’m so sorry. But I swear I had to do it. Ada

I know what you did. And it’s ok. Christian