Hooked Deal With The Devil… – Episode 3 Full Story

Rachel is horrified by the sight of her mother.

Even so, a part of her still wants to run toward her to help.

But she runs away–

Toward the graveyard.

And her grandmother.

Rachel, my darling. I was so afraid! Gran

Quickly now, we don’t have a moment to lose. Gran

Gran takes out a needle and moves toward Rachel.

Let me prick your finger. Gran

This will keep you safe against your mother. Gran

Rachel almost lets Gran prick her finger.

But then she backs away.

She runs to her dad’s grave

And places both of her hands on the headstone, as if to gain strength from it.

Gran appears with the needle, but she stops short, right before the grave.

It is as if an invisible forcefield prevents her from entering the space around the grave.