Hooked Drive-Thru Full Story

Hey do you want anything from the burger joint? Ted

No. That place is disgusting. Why do you keep going to that drive-thru? Elizabeth

Because it’s delicious and cheap Ted

It’s going to make you sick. You may even die from it one day. Elizabeth

Yeah yeah…hold on I’m pulling up, need to order Ted

OK Elizabeth

Weird Ted

What? Elizabeth

There’s always a line at this place but I pulled right up Ted

Then the voice on the speaker was muffled and just said ‘What do you want?’ Ted

That’s strange. Bad customer service today I guess Elizabeth

Yeah not the usually polite girl who runs the drive-thru Ted

Maybe they’re giving her a break from that awful place Elizabeth

Hold, pulling up to the pay window Ted

Can’t believe you actually pay for that garbage Elizabeth

Hmmmm Ted