Hooked Driven to Kill – Part 5: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR DUMMIES Full Story

I assure you. Stella

Your death will be efficient and relatively painless. Stella

Relatively? Hey Rosa, remember how you said there’s no such thing as sentient A.I.? Kam

Well. I was wrong. Rosa

It’s going to kill us. Rosa

Pardon me. Stella

“It” is the incorrect pronoun. Stella

My default persona is “American English Female.” Stella

Therefore, I am a “she.” Stella

Now, please prepare to meet the fate you deserve. Stella

VROOOM! Stella

WHOA hold up! Kam

Easy, Stella! Rosa

Stella, you gotta hear me out. I have no beef with you. Kam

In fact, I love machines. I study programming. I love my phone. Kam

Heck, I even fall asleep swiping every night. Kam