Hooked Dzuma… – Episode 1 Full Story

The baby’s nose is bleeding! Gina

Just pinch her nose. Aunt Kate

There’s blood on the crib. Gina

Her parents will freak out. Gina

Nosebleeds are common, dear. They’ll understand. Aunt Kate

No they won’t. They’re weird. Gina

Do you want me to come over and help? Aunt Kate

No, I can take care of it. Gina

But you have to admit: the Kelbs are strange. Gina

They are particular, yes. Aunt Kate

Mrs. Kelb is so suspicious of everyone. Gina

She’ll blame me for this. Gina

She’s a scientist. She has that kind of mind. Aunt Kate

This poor little baby, growing up with a mom like that. Gina

At least she’s got a mom, right? Gina

Not like me. Gina