Hooked Dzuma… – Episode 2 Full Story

I don’t know. I’ll be there in a few minutes. Aunt Kate

I have to move her. Gina

Don’t. Don’t touch her. Don’t go near her. Aunt Kate

I can’t just let her get poisoned. Gina

Listen to me. Stay out of her room. Aunt Kate

Okay, I checked it out. Gina

There’s something leaking in from outside the door. Gina

What? Aunt Kate

It looks like a little canister. I can see it from the upstairs window. Gina

A canister? Aunt Kate

Leaking gas. Gina

Back in a sec. Gina

What’s happening? Aunt Kate

Gina. Stay upstairs. Breathe through the towel. Aunt Kate

What’s happening? Aunt Kate