Hooked Dzuma… – Episode 3 Full Story

What? Gina

You are going to die tonight. Mrs. Kelb

Did Ana whisper Klamsa at that? Mrs. Kelb

No. Gina

Because now I’m telling the truth. Mrs. Kelb

You are both infected. You are both going to die. Mrs. Kelb

Where is my Aunt Kate? Gina

She can’t help you. And she was never honest with you. Mrs. Kelb

She’s lied to you about everything. Mrs. Kelb

Everything that happened in Poland. Mrs. Kelb

You want to know what happened to your parents? Mrs. Kelb

They got this disease and died of it? Gina

Not exactly. Mrs. Kelb

That’s what Kate told me. Gina

Of course, she did. And that was a lie. Mrs. Kelb

So what happened? Gina