Hooked Dzuma… – Episode 3 Full Story

Remember Kate didn’t even tell you they were dead right away? Mrs. Kelb

It took her a week to give you that. Mrs. Kelb

She was trying to protect me. Gina

And she was pretty broken up herself. Gina

That means you can’t trust her. Mrs. Kelb

But, my dear, you can trust me. Mrs. Kelb

How did they die? Gina

They were exposed to the disease in an infected village. Mrs. Kelb

Then they sealed it off and killed everyone inside, including themselves. Mrs. Kelb

They torched the place down to the ashes. Mrs. Kelb

Why? Gina

They were brave and selfless. Doesn’t that sound like them? Mrs. Kelb

I don’t know. Gina

Always running towards trouble, disease. Mrs. Kelb

Of course, they’d sacrifice themselves. Mrs. Kelb