Hooked Emergency Full Story

911 What’s your emergency? 911 Operator

They’re…they’re not going to make it. Caller

Who? Can you tell me where you are? 911 Operator

I’m in a really bad place that they created. Caller

Alright Sir. You don’t see any signs that could tell me where you are, do you? Is everyone alright? 911 Operator

I’ll be gone when they get here. Have I pleased you now? Caller

I’m not sure what that means Sir. Could you maybe tell me your name? 911 Operator

My name? They took that from me. They stripped me of it all. Caller

Okay just tell me what happened. What did they do to you? 911 Operator

What they did? Like everyone doesn’t already know. It’s me, Jasper. Caller

Alright Jasper is anyone hurt? 911 Operator

You’re so worried about them. I was too, but that had to stop. They only care about themselves. Caller

Why is that Jasper? 911 Operator

They were selfish. They laughed as their children would play games imitating me. They joked about the life I gave them. Caller

Jas- 911 Operator

They do not deserve to lay to rest in my land, but I will see to it that they burn in it. Only the innocent will walk with the king. Caller