Hooked Fate Digits Full Story

Remember me? Connor

huh? BlondeHottie

Last night. Connor

Nope. BlondeHottie

From the bar. You said I had nice dimples. You gave me your number… Connor

Haha sorry buddy she slipped you fake digits 🙁 BlondeHottie

You sure you’re not a hot blonde with a tight body? Connor

I am definitely all of those things but I was not at the bar last night. BlondeHottie

So…where were you? Connor

Kind of a stalkerish question don’t you think? BlondeHottie

Just thought maybe I could change my luck. When life gives you lemons… Connor

Break out the salt and tequila? BlondeHottie


My kind of girl! Connor

Easy there dimples put the shot glasses away. BlondeHottie

What are you doing tonight? Connor