Hooked Flat Tire Full Story

Do you know how to change a flat tire? Liz

Yeah…why? Paul

bc Danny just pulled over to help out this couple with a flat tire but I don’t think he knows how to do it. Liz

He got out of the car and now the three of them are all gathered around the tire just staring at it. Liz

LOL Paul

OK I’ll help but why are you two out so late? Paul

None of your business… Liz

Where are you? Paul

I don’t know somewhere near 46. 30 minutes outside town maybe. Liz

Oooooh making out in the woods. I see. Nice and isolated. Paul

Let’s try to act like we graduated from fifth grade. Liz

You’re still in your car? Paul

yeah Liz

OK here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll explain how to do it. Paul

then you’ll emerge from the car and take charge acting like you knew everything and never needed any help. Paul

People never think I can do anything. Will be good to do just one thing right. Liz