Hooked GrimR – Part 1 Full Story

You know you want to do it, Sadie. GrimR

You know you want to die. GrimR

So don’t chicken out now! GrimR

I’m in the bathroom. Sadie

I’ve got the sleeping pills, plastic bag, zip cord, and duct tape. Sadie

I’m really going to do it! Sadie

Good girl! GrimR

You know what you have to do. GrimR

We’ve gone through it before. GrimR

I’ll help you now – for real. GrimR

Oh oh! Sadie

What’s wrong? GrimR

What’s happening, Sadie? GrimR

Don’t let anything stop you now, Sadie! GrimR

It was my mom. Sadie

Knocking on the bathroom door. Sadie