Hooked GrimR – Part 4 Full Story

I’m driving to the school. Cole

I’m going to get Slezak after the assembly… Cole

Subject him to some ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’! Cole

No, Mr. Danton!! Lyn

Please don’t hurt Mr. Slezak! Lyn

We don’t know for sure he’s GrimR! Lyn

We need more evidence. Lyn

I did some research, got more evidence. Cole

I found out Slezak was a psychiatric nurse before he went into education. Cole

Dealing with troubled young adults. Cole

Until he was stripped of his license and expelled from the nursing profession! Cole


NO!! Lyn

No one has the right to kill anyone – or encourage anyone to kill themselves! Lyn

Life is precious, Mr. Danton! Sacred! Lyn

I know…I’m a suicide survivor. Lyn