Hooked Humanitarian Mission Full Story

you’re still flying home tomorrow, Aniyah? mamayolanda

yes mom 😐 aniyahinafrica

for the 50th time: i’m coming home! aniyahinafrica

your father and i are so happy! 😀 mamayolanda

i know you and dad never wanted me to come here in the first place… ☹ aniyahinafrica

we just thought you could help people right here at home in the States. in your own neighbourhood. mamayolanda

people are STARVING TO DEATH here mom! aniyahinafrica

i know. mamayolanda

but…the humanitarian mission is pretty much, well – a failure aniyahinafrica

i…they’re hardly saving any lives at all aniyahinafrica

conditions are just terrible in the north… aniyahinafrica

there’s no food and little water… aniyahinafrica

you did your best, Aniyah. mamayolanda

where are you right now? mamayolanda

i’m at a downtown department store here in the southern capitol aniyahinafrica

shopping on the second floor for souvenirs 😐 aniyahinafrica