Hooked I Am Eggplant – Part 3 Full Story

This is the scariest room I’ve ever been in. Dom

You’re telling me. Emily

There’s a poster with a cat in here. Dom

Uh huh. Emily

It’s dangling off a tree. Dom

Yep. Emily

It says “Hang in there, kitty!” Dom

Right. Emily

It might as well say “Screw you, Dom, you’re not getting this job and you won’t be able to provide for your family.” Dom

“Let go and plummet to your kitty death.” Dom

There are multiple contraptions in here that they put in vaginas. Emily

Okay, you win. Hospital room is scarier than interview room. Dom

So what do you think, blue or pink? Emily

I think that we shouldn’t force our kumquat into gender stereotypes. Dom

You’re the one that wanted to keep using different words because… Emily

you make a little ‘eep!’ noise every time I say baby boy or baby girl. Emily