Hooked Inked – Part 1: THE DIARY Full Story

I called you three times, Brooke. Ethan

Why aren’t you answering your phone? Ethan

I know you’re at the cabin with your family, but I need your help. Ethan

Hey babe. I’m here. Brooke

I can’t get a good cell signal on the mountain, but your texts come through eventually. Brooke

God, I freaking hate family vacations in the middle of nowhere. Brooke

I’d rather be at the pool next to you all summer. Brooke

In a bikini. Brooke

Brooke, stop. Ethan

I need your help with something serious. Ethan

What’s wrong? Brooke

I gotta tell you something—something bad. Ethan

I should’ve told you sooner. Ethan

What? Are you OK? Brooke

No. Ethan

Something’s wrong with me. Ethan