Hooked Inked – Part 2: RELICS Full Story

OK, my vision went back to normal. Ethan

Good. Let’s focus—how are we gonna find Quentin Finch? Brooke

If I can get my hands on my dad’s address book, Finch’s phone number’s gotta be in there. Ethan

Dad still writes everything down on paper like it’s the Middle Ages. Ethan

Are you sure we shouldn’t just tell him what’s going on? Brooke

He could give us answers. Brooke

Absolutely not. Ethan

I’m already losing my freaking sanity. Ethan

I won’t risk my freedom, too. Ethan

I won’t let him lock me up. Ethan

Why are you so sure he’d commit you to a psych hospital? Brooke

Because he’s done it before. Ethan

What?! Brooke

Not to me… Ethan

To my mom. Ethan

Oh. You don’t talk much about your mom. Brooke