Hooked Inked – Part 3: DROWNED Full Story

I need to talk to you, Dr. Owens. Brooke

Brooke? Dick

Is everything OK? Dick

No. Brooke

I think Ethan’s having some kind of mental breakdown. Brooke

What do you mean? Dick

I saw him in my office this morning and he seemed fine. Dick

He asked you about the diary on your desk, right? Brooke

Yes. Why? Dick

He thinks he’s cursed because of something in that notebook. Brooke

And he’s afraid to tell you. Brooke

He thinks you’ll have him committed to a psych ward. Brooke

What? Why? Dick

Because of his mom. Brooke

Oh, I see. Tell me what’s going on. Dick

He went AWOL for a few hours. Brooke