Hooked Invitation to Danger Full Story

Don’t be late for dinner tonight. Rita

ok Tony

I will make the announcement after we eat. Rita

We agreed that we’d do it together. Tony

No. I’m their mother. Rita

And I’m their father. I have a right and I get a say. Tony

Don’t escalate this. Rita

You don’t get to decide unilaterally. Tony

I just want it to be gentle on the kids. You have a tendency to be abrupt and rough. Rita

I would say “FU” but you’d use it as an example of my overwhelming roughness. Tony

I’ll ignore that. If you will please — for the kids — keep your temper down. Rita

I don’t see why we can’t wait until school ends. Tony

We’ve been through this. Vacation has to be scheduled in advance, if we’re sharing custody. Rita

What if we don’t mention it? Tony

We discussed this before and you agreed. Rita

Just hear me out. What if we try to make it work? Tony