Hooked iPrivateEye – Season 2 – Part 3 Full Story

You’ve been following the wrong guy? Mike

J. Jenkins vs Jay Jenkins on Facebook. J “dot” threw me Nora

Where we @ now? Mike

I need you to go back to the massage parlor Nora

Deep tissue this time? Mike

No. Get me proof he goes there. Follow him. Nora

K, just prepare yourself for an epic foot massage Mike

I still don’t know about that Nora

We had a deal Mike

Maybe. After we close this case Nora

You agreed. I have it in writing. Mike

What writing? Nora

Scroll up and read your text 👍 Mike

Biz comes first. Go to the massage parlor. Hit me up if you see anything Nora

On it babe Mike

I’m not your babe Nora