Hooked iPrivateEye – Season 2 – Part 5 Full Story

I tried to warn that woman Cheryl

You spoke to Candace? Nora

Yes. She doesn’t believe me. Cheryl

She thinks he’s in love with her and treated me like I was crazy Cheryl

Love is blind Nora

I was blind too. Cheryl

I sent the lease agreement to my lawyers but they still need proof of income. Cheryl

I’ll never see a penny, will I? Cheryl

As long as you’ve come to terms with that, I say we put him in jail Nora

How? Cheryl

My father was a private eye. An old friend of his is a cop. Nora

We drop a dime on this supposed “massage parlor” Nora

And? Cheryl

Let nature take its course Nora

Yes! Cheryl

Let me see what I can do Nora