Hooked Kelsey 2.0 Full Story

Hey Kelsey! Did you do the math homework? Unknown

Uh hey, whose number is this? Kelsey

Oh haha thought you had my number! It’s Kelsey, from 5th period math. Unknown

Are you messing with me? Who is this for real? Kelsey

Sorry, it’s confusing, my name is Kelsey too. I just transferred here. Unknown

Oh okay! Did we meet? Kelsey

Like super briefly–I borrowed your pen. Unknown

Huh, I don’t remember you, sorry! I’ll input your number as Kelsey 2.0! Kelsey

Haha that’s funny. Kelsey 2.0

Oh and yeah I did do the math homework. It’s on page 30 Kelsey

I know, I was actually wondering what you got for #23 Kelsey 2.0

Lemme check hold on. Kelsey

x=16 Kelsey

Okay cool, thanks. I wasn’t too sure about my answer. Kelsey 2.0

Np! See you tomorrow then. Kelsey

For sure! Kelsey 2.0