Hooked Lip Gloss Full Story

heyyyyy chica when we going to the partaayyy? Kara

Not going. I have a lot of homework. Liz


I’m just gonna stay in. Is that a crime? Liz

Liz come on. You have to go. Kara

Why? Liz

Because Jack is gonna be there and I need to make him jealous! Kara

Okay definitely not going now Liz

whyyyyyyyyy?? Kara

You need to stay away from Jack. Liz

and i will. i just need to look hot and flirt with other guys in front of him. Kara

I’m not going. I’m not gonna feed your addiction to this asshole. Liz

I’m not gonna talk to him!!! Kara

Yeah you’ll just get drunk and slobber all over his mouth. So technically not “talking”. Liz

Liz I just really need this. I need to get out and have fun. this breakup hasn’t been easy. Kara

I know Liz