Hooked Littlefield – Part 11 Full Story

Corinne?? 202-555-0106

Who is this?? Corrine

It’s Jared. Where are you?? 202-555-0106

OMG are you okay?? Helena is worried about you. Corrine

Yes, I’m fine Jared

Are you still at the barn? Did you find my sister?? Corrine

First things first, did Nora come get you? Jared

Yes, I’m in the car with her right now. She’s in the backseat. She’s been bit. Corrine

Shit, how bad? Jared

Bad. She told me to leave her, but I refused to. Corrine

I just pulled over to find directions to the Bay Hospital… Corrine

but I don’t know how I’m going to get there… Corrine

since a highway is involved and this is the first time I’ve driven Corrine

Did you call 911? Jared

Nobody is picking up… Corrine

Just tell me where you are right now and we can go in my car Jared