Hooked Littlefield – Part 12 Full Story

Helena?? Where are the buses!!?? Corrine

I tried to make them hold out, but they wouldn’t. You have to believe me! Helena

Where are my parents?? Are they still at the station!? Corrine

I saw them get on one of the other buses Helena

Are you positive?? Why would they get on without us?? Corrine

I think they told them that they were bringing you Helena

So they LIED. AGAIN. WHY??? Corrine

I think they took everyone at the station so nobody else would get wind of the buses Helena

So nobody knows? Corrine

I mean I’m sure people saw, but didn’t understand what was happening. Helena

Where are you?? Helena

In the car with Jared, his Mom, Sarah, some guy named Doug and Nora. Corrine

She’s not doing well. Corrine

What happened to her? Helena

She was bit. Corrine

Oh my God… Helena