Hooked Littlefield – Part 13 Full Story

Corinne, are you there?? 202-555-0171

Who is this?? Corrine

It’s Wayne again! 202-555-0171

My folks and I loaded into the van and stopped at The Barn… 202-555-0171

…to see if we could find your sister. Nobody was inside. 202-555-0171

I told them to drive to your house to see if we could help you guys get out of there. 202-555-0171

Are you inside? 202-555-0171

I’m not in my house right now… Corrine

and haven’t been since I tried to look for my sister by myself. Corrine

I’m sorry about that. You have to understand… 202-555-0171

I was worried about my family Corrine

Wayne, it’s Sarah Corrine

What!!? She found you??? ARE YOU OKAY?? 202-555-0171

I’m fine. Corrine

Who were those men?? Were they the fucking government like I thought?? 202-555-0171

Yes. I can’t rehash that right now. Corrine