Hooked Littlefield – Part 14 Full Story

Helena? Are you there? We’re almost at the front of the building Corrine

I can’t fucking believe you guys Helena

Excuse me?? Corrine

Since you tweeted that, do you know how many people came here?? Helena

They started shooting people… Helena

so you need to turn around or you’re going to be hurt Helena

We’re NOT fucking turning around. Where are my parents?? Corrine

They’re in compound C Helena

Well, you go to compound C and tell them we’re here. Corrine

And get your Dad to open the gate Corrine

Don’t you get it? My Dad CAN’T open the gate. Helena

He’s not the one in charge here Helena

But he CAN talk to someone and let them know the circumstances with our parents Corrine

You owe us here. Corrine

They aren’t going to let you in here Helena

Our PARENTS are in there and they are going to let us in Corrine