Hooked Littlefield – Part 6 Full Story

C, Jared and I are in a cop van. Helena

And we’re on our way to your house to pick you and your parents up to bring to the station to be safe. Helena

There seems to be a lot more of them on their way Helena

I haven’t seen any, and Wayne told me where Sarah is Corrine

How the hell does he know where she is?? Helena

He said he saw men take her away in a black van, and saw the same van the next day and followed them to this place Corrine

We can talk to my Dad about that when we get to the station Helena

No. My mom already contacted the cops after what Wayne said. Corrine

So then let them handle it. Helena

Wayne said the cops aren’t listening or doing anything about it. Corrine

Why would they do that? Helena

Come on Helena, something is up Corrine

You already admitted that they fucking lied that a murderer was out there… Corrine

and it was something else entirely. I’m going to get her Corrine

WHAT!? Helena

Wayne gave me the cross streets. Corrine