Hooked Locked In Full Story

So embarrassing story… Kelly

What? Jenn

I maybe, kinda, sorta…might be stuck inside one of the lockers at school. Kelly

And I need help… Kelly

Hello? Kelly

I’m sorry, I fell off my bed laughing. Jenn

Come on, I’m serious, I’m freaking out in here Kelly

What the hell are you doing at school at 1am?! Jenn

I wanted to play that prank on Dana Kelly

While I was trying to write “BITCH”on her locker, the janitor came, so I locked myself in mine Kelly

You didn’t think to go to the bathroom? Jenn

Shut up and get me out of here Kelly

Fine, on my way Jenn

You know this place is creepy at night Kelly

How so? Jenn

Just noises and shit Kelly