Hooked Murder House Full Story

So you’re going to kill me. Ajay

Why? Ben

Guess where I am. Ajay

In Scarlett Johansson’s limo. Ben

I don’t know, dude. Ben

I’m in the McGuiness murder house on Dean Street! Ajay

You were supposed to wait for me! Ben

The door was OPEN. I couldn’t NOT walk in. Ajay

But this is embarrassing…I’m stuck. The door shut behind me and it won’t open. Ajay

I hope the ghost of Mrs. McGuiness doesn’t appear in a broken mirror or something. Ben

She killed her husband and threw herself off the roof. Total haunting potential. Ben

Shut up. So do you think you could come down and help your pal out? Ajay

I’m grounded. It’s a school night. Ben

You used to be less of a wimp. Ajay

If I were trapped in a creepy, probably haunted house and had only one friend, I’d be a little nicer to that one friend. Ben

What do you want. Ajay