Hooked My Confidant… – Episode 3 Full Story

OMG Topher! Lucy

I saw them pull your body out of our apartment Lucy

It was a big police scene with everything—the caution tape, the body bag—everything. Lucy

I’m alive Topher

I was never in that body bag. Topher

I can’t believe this. Lucy

Can’t, or won’t? Topher

Ask me anything. Topher

What’d I have for dinner tonight? Lucy

Come on, that’s impossible for a normal person to remember. Topher

If you were really my roommate, it wouldn’t be impossible Lucy

We ate dinner together Lucy

Yeah, while we were watching reruns of Friends Topher

We watched your favorite episode: The One Where Everyone Finds Out. Topher

Okay, this is freaky. You’re probably Topher then. Lucy

But I still want you to try to guess what I had for dinner Lucy