Hooked Our Little Secret – Part 2 Full Story

But I don’t have anything to do with it at all… Kat

I have no idea where Jenny is. Kat

And Jesse is innocent. We both are. Kat

You’re a good girl Katherine. Lynne

Maybe that’s why you can’t see the truth… Lynne

That he’s using you. Lynne

For an alibi. Lynne

Why should I even trust you? Kat

I know what you’re really like. Kat

Jesse’s told me what you’ve done to him in the past. Kat

And to Jenny, too. Kat

You’re much too good for Jesse. Lynne

Don’t throw your life away for him. Lynne

I’m sorry… Kat

But you don’t sound very sad about your missing STEP daughter atm… Kat

Maybe because you’re not really her mom. Kat