Hooked Paris Man Full Story

Hey! Did you get that pic I sent you?? Cindy

ya. i meant 2 talk 2 u bout that. Keegan

Isn’t it gorgeous over here!? Cindy

looks like it Keegan

I’m about to send you another! Cindy

did u go alone Keegan

What do you mean?? Cindy

did u go 2 Paris alone Keegan

Yes! My bday gift! Cindy

R u sure? Keegan

Yes…why are you so adamant about it? Cindy

who’s that man n the pic Keegan

What??! Are you crazy?? Cindy

that pic ur talkin about, there’s a man in it Keegan

No there isn’t! You are crazy! Hahaha Cindy

im lookin at it right now, there is a man in the right corner just standin there, blank face, with a black suit on Keegan