Hooked Parking Garage Full Story

I can’t find my car. Molly

wat, where r u Luke

Parking garage. Where I park everyday off of 1st Ave. Molly

and you cant find ur car Luke

Weird huh? I thought I parked on Level 2, but I’ve circled the level like 5 times and it’s still not there. Molly

have u gone up or down any level yet Luke

Just about to. Molly

let me know Luke

Damn…It’s creepy in here at night. Molly

is there anyone else there Luke

Nah, that’s what’s strange. There are only a small amount of cars left. Molly

and urs is not there Luke

Not that I can see. I must’ve parked on a different level. But 3rd doesn’t have it either and I could’ve sworn I didn’t park too high up. Molly

do u want me 2 come and get u Luke

Shit! Molly

wat Luke