Hooked Parking Garage Full Story

There was this homeless guy. Guess he was a homeless guy. Sitting around a corner. Didn’t see him and rounded the corner and it scared me. Molly

ur fine, give him some change Luke

Nah, don’t believe in that. Molly

dont believe in wat Luke

Giving someone change when they beg. If he wants a job, he can go get one. Molly

that’s insensitive Luke

It’s true. Molly

n ur opinion Luke

Where is my car?!?! Molly

sure u brought it, lol Luke

Maybe someone stole it. Molly

how Luke

You’ve seen those movies right? Where they pluck out the wires and start the car and drive off with it. Molly

all a myth Luke

You’re being really supportive right now. Molly