Hooked Prison Break Full Story

Mig! I just heard about the power outage and prison break. Are you OK?? Yvonne

Yeah I’m OK. Barely… Miguel

Where are you? Yvonne

In a supply room. Don’t worry, the door is reinforced steel. I’m good. Miguel

Phew, OK. Damnit, this is exactly what I worried about when you became a prison guard. Yvonne

Now is so not the time for all of that Miguel

Okay okay, so what’s your next move? Are you safe? For how long? Yvonne

I’m fine. Some of the inmates are banging on the door trying to get in but I’ve got my pistol and a radio. I’m in communication with the team. Miguel

OK…how’s the team doing? It can’t be good by the sound of it on TV. Yvonne

We lost a few guys in the initial rush, right after the outage. Surprised the power is still on at home considering how close we live to the prison. Miguel

It blinked for a second, and then it came back on. It was weird. Yvonne

Hold that thought Yvonne

It just went out again. Shit. Yvonne

Damn. OK well lock all of the doors and turn on the police scanner. Miguel

Why the scanner? Yvonne

Because all the guys in here are not accounted for… Miguel