Hooked Rabid – Episode 1 Full Story

Archer, are you there? Stephanie

What’s up, babe? Archer

I’m at the hospital. Stephanie

What?! Are you OK? Archer

A squirrel bit me! Stephanie

It’s like it…snapped. Stephanie

I had to get a rabies shot. Stephanie

Wow, that’s crazy. Squirrels almost never bite. Archer

Did you do anything to set it off? Archer

No! I was just sitting on a bench in Prospect Park. Stephanie

And this squirrel started glaring at me. Stephanie

When I got up, it lunged for my ankle. I was bleeding! Stephanie

Must have been rabid. Good thing you got a shot. Archer

And I’ll need to get more. SO annoying! Stephanie

Are you in any pain? Archer

I’m just a little sore from the bite and the shot. Stephanie