Hooked Rabid – Episode 1 Full Story

The doctors put a bandage on my ankle. The bleeding stopped. Stephanie

Do you want to come here and recuperate? Archer

My mom knows a lot about squirrels. Archer

A long time ago, she found an injured squirrel and nursed it back to health. Archer

It was in our apartment for months Archer

That’s kinda weird. Stephanie

But Archer, I’m just going to stay here. Stephanie

You know your mother and I don’t really get along. Stephanie

Once she gets to know you, I’m sure that’ll change. Archer

I don’t know about that… Stephanie

When are you going to move out, anyway? Stephanie

You ARE 28. Stephanie

And you have a good job. You can afford it. Stephanie

I’ve been looking! Just haven’t found the right place yet. Archer

Finally! The doctors said I could leave. Stephanie